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Welcome to Schiedler.Com

Family News

Time for the quarterly website update. Seems that's about the best I can do. Between work, kids, house stuff, karate & pets I don't have much free time. So let's see, what has been going on here.......

Greg is the back up for the video conference guy, the Apple servers and tech support. He's doing a little bit of everything. The school district is sending him to Anchorage for a week long class on their new software. He's excited about that opportunity. Personally I think he's just excited to leave us home and be able to eat and drink what he wants. lol Greg's boss is retiring at the end of the school year so he is trying to get greg as much training on everything he can. In order for Greg to take Ted's job he needs a teaching certificate so we are looking at getting him into school asap. He just keeps saying who would have thought I'd be doing this. At least he is happy. I love that our move here has made him happy and comfortable in his skin. Greg has finally started feeling like he is worthy of the good things in life including being happy. I'm very proud of him and love him so much.

The bank has had lots of turn-over which Allen warned me it would. My least favorite part of my job is the hiring/firing and it seems that has been the bulk of what I do lately. Right now I have a full staff and I love it! I sure hope it stays that way. We are getting ready for new computers in a couple of weeks. The ones we have now are so slow and the new ones are supposed to be faster. With our lousy connectivity I'll take what I can get. Switching out all the pc's will be a task. We just changed our security monitoring system which resulted in 2am phone calls for Allen and I. Gotta love that. I finished the Supervisor Certification and got a pin and certificate for my work. It's actually a big and glad to have it done. Allen has me going out to meet more of our customers which is a little nerve racking. I don't mind the chatting it up part, but still feel I need to learn more about the business programs to feel comfortable.

We got ourselves a sled dog. Sakari is 12 weeks old and is a pure bred Husky. She is so pretty, but not always showing her smat side. Potty training is proving to be a challenge. I found out after the fact that most mushers use mixed breed husky's. Oh well....she is just going to pull the boys around anyway. I haven't decided yet if I want to get totally into the mushing thing. We'll see how it goes.

I ran for the school board and got 31 votes. I figure since not many people know me that wasn't to bad. I wanted to get involved in the community and that seemed a good way to do it. Maybe next time. greg and I are going to end up involved in the K300. That is the big dog sled race here held in Jan. I'll be working the both at the Saturday Market Thanksgiving weekend. I don't mind since at least it is inside. Suzi is trying to convince Greg to be the volunteer coordinater for the race. She thinks he has the computer knowledge (yes) and the people skills (?) to do it.

We are all keeping busy. I've gone to Bingo a couple of times with the girls from work. That is so much fun. We took the kids to the Halloween Carnival that the elementary school yesterday. We met up with 2 girls from work and their families. We are finally starting to make friends and do things. That makes living here much better. We are planning to do a small scale Christmas party this year. It's expensive to feed people and get booze here so it probably won't be as big as back home. But it will be fun to open the house to the people we have become friends with and share the holiday spirit with them.

I hope everyone reading this is doing well. Know that we miss you and think of you. You are in our hearts and prayers.

Love to you all,

Jennifer, Greg, Greyson, Christian

PS Make sure you click on the boys pages for updates on each of them.

Welcome to Schiedler.Com

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