Denver A. Drinkwine
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Lumber Barron Theater (136kb) Lmberman Memorial (243kb) Theater/Museum (266kb) Otis (90kb) Otis the fire burning Kitty (71kb)
Lake Menomonie (91kb) Lake Menomonie (114kb) Lake Menomonie....and we don't want to walk around it Aunt Suzie (50kb) Cool looking brick building (134kb) Backside of Olson Funeral Home (100kb)
Front of Olson Funeral Home (207kb) Aunt Suzie and her perisol (211kb) Grandpa's apartment in Wheeler.....last one on the end (176kb) The Dtinkwine's Grandpa is last male on the right top row (103kb) The Drinkwine's (73kb)
Aunt Grace and Aunt Wilma (99kb) Diane and Butch Drinkwine (109kb) Uncle Al and Uncle Bobby messing around (118kb) Uncle Al and Uncle Bobby (127kb) Aunt Helen, Uncle Perry (Peg) and Aunt Lucille (138kb)
United Methodist Church in Boiceville (140kb) The Funeral Car (224kb) Liked this house with the cute windmill (247kb) Inside the church (144kb) Grandpa in the church (131kb)
Cousin Mike Drinkwine (88kb) Nasty blurry picture of Aunt Scherry and Diane (89kb) Another blurry picture of Scherry, Diane, Charlene and Krissy (101kb) Aunt Suzie and Mike (111kb) Scherry, Diane, Charlene and Krissy (123kb)
At the cemetary Butch and Uncle Perry...Cousin Ken in the uniform (242kb) Great grandparents Drinkwine (352kb) Grandpa's volt (237kb) volt label (180kb) volt label (263kb)
casket (159kb) Cousin Ken, his father Cousin Ron and Butch (Denny) (182kb) Grandpa's sister's marker (350kb) Wilma's hubby and her marker (308kb) Eating after the service (136kb)
More eating (149kb) Suzie, Scherry, Bobby, Mike, Al (122kb) Krissy, Butch, Diane, Charlene (138kb) Bobby (127kb) Aunt Wilma (107kb)
Ahhhhhh.......Aunt Scherry (98kb) Gary, Butch, Gary's son?, Shirley, Karen, Al (118kb) Bobby, Gary, Gary's son. Karen, Butch, Al, Shirley (101kb) Same crazy Drinkwines (126kb) The 3 Stoodges.....Bobby, Al, Butch (120kb)
Who has the biggest belly? Bobby, Al, Butch (113kb) Jennifer almost 5 months pregnant and Uncle Bobby (144kb) Aunt Helen and Uncle Perry (135kb)